10 things to do this summer – Part 1

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I am someone who loves to do things and gets bored easily. When I was growing up my mom would give me experiences as presents instead of material things. She taught me that memories and moments were more valuable than anything you could buy. This summer I don’t want to catch the boredom bug and I also want to spend more time with my boyfriend. That is why I have created a list of fun activities I want to do this summer. Every week I’ll try to post a different list of 10 activities you can do this summer. These can be done by yourself, with friends or family or with a significant other.

  1. Sunrise hike

Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and be in the fresh air. It is also a great time to spend some time with friends or loved ones and catch up on life. There is nothing to do but take in the scenery and enjoy the company of those you are with. Although I am not a morning person what so ever I have always found sunrise hikes to be completely worth it!

  1. Go kayaking

Thankfully I own a kayak so I can go whenever I please but if you don’t own a kayak they are pretty cheap to rent. I think it’s typically around 10 dollars an hour. You can paddle out amongst the wildlife (I go in Morro Bay where you are amongst the Otters and Sea Lions). You can pack a little picnic. You can start a water fight. The fun is endless.

  1. Go to your local drive in theater

I went to a drive in theater a couple years back with my dad (we watched Transformers 3 and it was awesome) but I’ve never been to the local one here in SLO. Wrap up in blankets, throw some pillows in the back of your car, make some popcorn and you’re set. I think the drive in theater is a more memorable experience than regular movie theaters and they are relatively inexpensive.

  1. Take a trip to your local winery/brewery

Now that I am finally 21 I want to explore all the wineries around me. Since I am a wine girl I tend towards wineries but if beer is your thing go explore the breweries your town has to offer. The other day I was looking on Groupon and there are some fabulous deals out there. I find wine tasting a perfect opportunity to get all dressed up and take pretty pictures as well but it can also be relaxed.

  1. Take a road trip

I have a love hate relationship with road trips. I don’t really like being crammed in a car for hours on end. However I love the places you get to see and the conversations that emerge from it. Going on a road trip allows you to see parts of the country you would probably normally pass up. You can stop into the local mom and pop shops and ask the locals where the best places are.

  1. Create a chalk drawing

I baby sit a 4 year old and 2 year old. They are constantly in go-go-go mode but the other day I got them to spend an hour or so just sitting outside playing with chalk. I was proud of myself but it also reminded me how much fun chalk is! Go outside in your driveway or backyard and create a masterpiece. Roll of your sleeves and let your creativity go!

  1. Go mini golfing

I absolutely love mini golf so of course it had to be on the list! Again, it is one of those things that brings me back to my childhood and lets me let loose and goof around. I suck at regular golf but like to think I have mastered the art of mini golf. It is another inexpensive activity that can lead to fun and laughter.

  1. Go stargazing

Whenever I look up at the night sky I always look to find the Big Dipper, as that is the only one I really know. Stargazing is a calming thing and can be the perfect setting for reflection and great conversation. Throw a bunch of blankets and pillows in the bed of a truck or lay out a blanket in an open field. Get away from the city and forget about any responsibilities and just enjoy the moment!

  1. Make a bonfire

Bonfires are my favorite activity from a group of people. Making s’mores and exchanging stories never gets old. You can get a group of friends together, play at the beach during the day, enjoy the sunset and then light up a bonfire. If you are with your significant other you can cuddle with them in a warm blanket to make it more intimate.

  1. Go to the zoo/acquarium

I love love love animals. I go to our local animal shelter to pet the cats and dogs (my mom says I can’t adopt one yet). Though you can’t really pet the animals at the zoo or aquarium you can go and appreciate their presence. You can spend a whole day wandering around, taking pictures and having fun!


Comment below and let me know what your favorite summer time activities are!

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35 thoughts on “10 things to do this summer – Part 1

  1. I gaze at the stars even in the winter. And even when I’m inside the house lol! In all seriousness, thanks for the tips. They come in handy during the long summer holidays.

    1. Star gazing is probably one of my favorite things to do. Just laying out a blanket and relaxing! I hope you’re having a great summer!

  2. I like the idea of stargazing – not only reminds me of my childhood days dreaming while looking in the sky, but also calms and gives you better perspective, as you mention – away from noisy.. busy.. city . 🙂

    1. Exactly! I’m originally from Seattle where you can’t see many stars but if you get a little ways out of town it opens up a whole new world.

  3. I think its great to make a list of things to do because I keeps you focused and consequently you’ll achieve more! I love what you said about your mother giving you experiences as presents rather than material things! I think that’s an inspired and ingenious idea that more people should do! Great blog post – thanks for sharing!

    1. When I was younger I don’t think I appreciated the experiences as much but looking back at it I am truly grateful of all the memories that were given to me.

  4. Great post and I think I would like to do all of the above except the Kayaking. That would be a little interesting for me, I can’t swim that good. But the drive-in and the winery can be done for a fun date night and end with watching the sunrise. ooh lala.

  5. The sunrise hike is a perfect way to get in a morning workout for the summer but also enjoy the workout. The bonfire is cute too, just make sure you pack marshmallows, crackers, and chocolate for some smores.

  6. The things I love to do best in the summer is to watch sunsets and go stargazing. There is something so awe inspiring in these two activities. My dream is to be able to travel to the northernmost part of the country and view the Milky Way Galaxy in the night sky.

  7. Sunrise hike, must be such a beautiful experience… The problem is that I’m such a lazy sunbathing girl///
    It’s inspiring to see motivated people like you!

  8. You were so lucky to have a mother that gave you experiences instead of material things. Taking a road trip, making a bonfire and stargazing must be my favorite of the activities you listed but thank you for the list! 🙂

  9. Your mom had the best idea .. yes to experiences over material things. This summer my husband and I have been checking out different parks around the state. Every weekend we pick a new one and take a road trip. Not only do we explore new places, but we always try to stop at small town diners along the way! x

  10. All of these are such good ideas! I have a five month old son (eeep) so I’ve been trying to think of things we can do in summer and create some memories 🙂 It’s winter in New Zealand, so I have plenty of time to sort it out, but it’s never too early to begin brainstorming! I think I’m going to have to use some of these!

  11. These are great tips to do in the summer time; though I’ll skip the brewery and don’t like to kayaking. The rest has me ready to get outside.

  12. I was just thinking of making a “summer bucket list.” Everything here sounds so perfect for that!! I’m totally trying the stargazing, for one, but definitely may need to bring some bug spray!!

  13. This post is amazing! Majority of these activities you can do with a group or as a couple. Summer time is the time to enjoy your loved ones and family.

  14. You have covered almost everything I like! Amusement parks, biking, hiking and kayaking are my favorite things to do in Summer. Chalk drawing sounds fun. I need to try that

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