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Now I am not talking about a fear of spiders or a fear of heights. I am talking about putting yourself out there, trying new things and just going for it.

Fear is something that people let control their lives. I will be the first to admit that for a long time I let the fear of something control my actions. However I have been working at being conscious of the fear, acknowledging it and moving past it.

Last year when I started to date Cody I was fearful of all the possibilities of failure. Someone once told me that when you get in a relationship with someone you will either get married or break up. Unless I was 100% certain about this guy I didn’t want to set myself up for future heartbreak. Why would current me knowingly hurt future me? That was my fear. Looking back I laugh a little. I can never be 100% certain I won’t get hurt. That is just unrealistic. If I waited for myself to be 100% sure about anyone I would be single and lonely for the rest of my life. Cody and I met back in February of 2016 yet didn’t become official until September 2016. I let months pass by with someone I cared so deeply about because I was afraid of some possible outcome I made up in my head. I tried walking away more times than I would like to admit but he never let me go – and I am thankful for that.

I’ve started about 5 or 6 blogs throughout my life but haven’t shared a single one of them until this one. I was afraid of putting myself out there. Showing any vulnerabilities. A lot of people have their blog and their lives intertwined and so I thought about someone not liking my blog as someone not liking me. However that is far from the truth. Someone might not like my blog for a variety of reasons but I am so much more than what I post online. I’ve never been one to post on my Facebook wall and I wanted an outlet to share my thoughts and feelings. That is why I created this blog. I thought that if I can get over my fear I can inspire someone else to live out the lifestyle they dream of.

Recently I have created an Etsy shop and a store front within this blog. I have always loved designing things and always wanted to create a business while still in college. Many times I thought of starting my shop but didn’t want it to fail. If I had started my freshman year of college I would have been able to learn so much about my shop and the business by now. I could have gone through the ups and the downs already. But I waited. I hesitated. So I this summer I said f**k it and went for it. I’m not going to get anywhere if I keep putting it off.

Next month I am moving across the country for an internship in my dream industry. I’ve never been to Florida before. In fact I’ve never been further East than Kansas City, Missouri. Being from Seattle you can’t get further away in the country than moving to Florida. In order to accept this internship I had to accept the fact that a lot of change is coming my way. And if you know me you know I hate change. I am taking the quarter off of school, leaving my friends and family to go to a place I know no one, and learning a new job. I think a lot of people would have said no to the opportunity because of all the unknowns. Yes, I was hesitant but I looked at this as a great opportunity that I couldn’t pass. I will be there for 4 months. In the grand scheme of things 4 months is pretty short. If I hate it I can manage to get through it for less than half a year. If I love it I will remember the experience and try to find things similar to it in the future.

I think chasing dreams can be one of the scariest things.

I don’t know how many of you have heard of the “Ripples Guy” before but if you haven’t you should really check him out. I was at a work event where he came to speak and he said something that really hit a chord with me.

He said that in life there are two paths you can take.

The first path is safe and comfortable. You know the outcome of the path and life will be content.

The second path is the challenge path and you don’t know what will happen and it may scare you but something so good and so fabulous could come of it.

Usually when there is fear there is also a sense of excitement. It just happens that we focus on the fear and let it overshadow the excitement. We think of the possibilities of failure instead of the possibilities of success.

The words of the Ripples Guy really had an impact on my life. I should send him a thank you card because otherwise I might still be letting fear keep me comfortable yet always wondering.

The reason I wrote this article is because I want to inspire you to live the life you dream of. Don’t let fear hold you back. Go for it. Whatever you’ve had lingering in the back of your head for the past few weeks, months or years. GO FOR IT. Let me know in the comments what dream you want to achieve.


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23 thoughts on “Live the life you dream about

  1. In our life we face so many struggles and there are times that we’re afraid to take the risk because we are also afraid of the possible outcome. If you’re not sure with your decision, you must seek God’s guidance and help of the people around you.

  2. I totally agree with you, we have to step outside of our comfort zone and live. I recently went nomadic and has so many fears about it but it’s been the best decision of my life.

  3. “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever did” i remember hearing that on a podcast. We all have to face our fears, because that’s what keeping us away from our dreams. You only live once, right? Loved your post! I’m so glad that I see people that are wanderers of life!

  4. I agree with you! Chasing dreams is one of the scariest things we do in life, because there’s such a huge fear of failure. At least for me, that’s the case. But if it doesn’t scare you to some degree, is it really worth pursuing? Starting my blog was scary, but sharing it with others is what was [and still is] the terrifying part. Going off to college was super scary, and I’m beyond nervous to start grad school in the fall. But I know all of these things will better my life, so I push myself out of my comfort zone!

  5. Yes, chasing your dreams is scary, but if you don’t take a risk, you will never know. I’m all for trying to reach your goals. If you don’t you will always keep thinking “what if…” and that is awful. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Let your haters be your motivators!

  6. Good on you for taking hold of the opportunity with both hands and just going for it. What is there to lose? Always remember: Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Enjoy your short time in Florida and I look forward to reading how it all went.

  7. The ending states it best, “Go For It” which is always easier said than done, but hey, we only have one life to live as far as we know, so may as well make the best of it. I’m an expert at failing, LOL 🙂 and have learned to get over my fears by just diving in, sometimes still dipping a toe first, but just enjoying the journey and learning from my mistakes.

  8. Sometimes that is all I want to do, to leave everything behind and go after my dreams. to be the person I have always wanted to be. But then I get this nagging guilt, who will take care of my family if I do go after my dreams? And so, I just stay put, continue to dream, and hopefully, before I breathe my last, I can still taste at least the edge of that dream.

  9. Can’t agree more!! with all these struggles that life puts in front of us!! sometimes it’s hard to chase our dreams, and most of people just give it up!! the fear of failing, and believing in ourselves, what makes dreams die!! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. If we don’t leap, we never get to find out of we will fall or soar. I’m glad you are following your dreams. Fear is not a bad emotion, it can save our lives and also help us to make an effort to grow.

  11. I think any form of change is daunting. Whether about relationship, traveling and more so chasing a dream. However, as an old saying goes, “You’ll never know unless you go!” We only got one shot at this life and might as well live it to the fullest!

  12. Thank you for sharing! I am actually currently deciding whether to try and travel and live the dream, or take the less risky route and stick to the 9 to 5!

  13. The only thing I would disagree with the ripples guy on is that the life where you make the safe choices is a life not really lived. And so while it may feel secure, it never leads to true happiness. But that’s just my own two cents.

  14. Working towards your dreams can be terrifying, but I’ve always told myself that it’s better to work towards them and fail than to have never even tried and constantly wonder what could have been if you actually went for it. Best of luck during your internship! As someone who grew up in Florida (south Florida) and went to college in Orlando, you’ll like it there.

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