June 30, 2017

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Today has been exhausting! I didn’t really do anything but sit in a car all day but man am I ready for bed. I woke up at 7am (which is way earlier than I ever want to get up, especially on a summer day) because my dad was coming into town! At 7:30am he pulled up into my drive way and we were ready for an adventure!

At 8am we hit the road and set forth towards Mammoth where we’re spending the weekend. My dad has a cute little sports car and the roads we took were very winding. This led to me being car sick…. but I overcame my sickness and we proceeded on. I have a love hate relationship with road trips. I love them because they can lead you anywhere and you get to see parts of the country you’ve never been before. I hate them because I have long legs and with all our stuff packed into a tiny two person car there isn’t much room.

We got to Mammoth around 4pm and checked into where we are staying. It is a super cute little cabin and when you walk out the door there is snow on the ground. I am excited for the adventures that these next couple of days are going to bring. Today’s happiness came from seeing my dad and getting to be with family again!

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