June 29, 2017

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The last few days have been a whirlwind! I’ve had to run around all town with different errands and work and trying to pack up all my stuff at one house and move it to the new one. Once I got home last night I passed out and so didn’t write what made me happy. The last couple of days the gas tank in my car has been broken and so the nozzle at the gas station wouldn’t go into my tank. This meant that I couldn’t drive anywhere because I was out of gas and couldn’t fill up with gas to solve the problem. Thankfully I am dating the best guy ever and he came over to fix my car! He had been up since 5am yesterday morning and still came by after a 12 hour shift at work to come take a look at my car. Then today after the same sort of day he came over to help me move my mattress into my car. Both were pretty simple tasks but he didn’t have to do them. I truly appreciate him and all that he does for me. He makes me happy.

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