June 27, 2017

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Today was an odd day. I was going to go back to the library to use the school scanner but when I went to start my car it wouldn’t start because I had ran out of gas…. My car is old and has its fare share of problems including the gas gauge doesn’t work so I have to estimate my tank level based off of the number of miles I’ve driven. Well I pushed it too far this time and it didn’t want to start. I took this as an opportunity to go back to bed, cuddle in all of my blankets and binge watch Netflix. When my friend got off work she was gracious enough to drive me to a gas station and then that problem was fixed. I then decided to be productive with the rest of my evening and did a major cleaning of my apartment because I’m moving out in a couple of days. Through all of this I think what made me happy was that my friend took time out of her day to come help me even though she didn’t have to. We also decided to make wine milkshakes which I had just learned about on Pinterest. I’ll get around to making a post about it but in the mean time just know that I highly recommend it. My friend isn’t much of a wine fan but even she enjoyed it!

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