June 25, 2017

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Once again Walter and I went to the dog beach! This was the last day I of watching Walter so there won’t be another post about the dog beach at least for a little while. Walter and I headed to the beach around 9 this morning and like the other days it was perfect. The weather was a little overcast so there weren’t many people there just the dogs and their owners. Walter is a blue heeler and so has a lot of energy and will run from one side of the beach to the complete opposite side and look back at you and wonder why you aren’t there with him. Around 2 O’clock I was hanging out with my friend Jacob who just got back in town and we were thinking of things to do so of course we picked up Walter and headed back to the dog beach. This time the sun was out on the middle of a Sunday afternoon so the beach was packed! Jacob and I threw around the football while Walter got all his energy out and made new dog friends. Man, I’ve loved this weekend.

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