July 8, 2017

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Yesterday was a pretty relaxed day. The place I moved in to has a backyard and I’m pretty stoked about it! I pulled out my beach blanket and laid it on the grass ready to get my tan on. Except I get bored very easily and am not one of those people who can just lay there for hours on end (unless I’m napping). So as I lay try to lay there I started to get all sweaty because it got up to 95 degrees! I looked around and decided I would play with the hose, water the plants and cool myself down while I was at it.

Later in the evening I went to a barbecue! And if you know me you know I absolutely love food! And Walter (the dog I dog sat the other week) was there with a couple other dogs so that boosted my day times a million. Good food + dogs = happy Sierra!

Finally I ended the day watching Moana and Land Before Time on Netflix. I hadn’t seen Moana yet but I had heard good things about it and I enjoyed it! Land Before Time was just put on Netflix this month and  I remember loving it as a kid so I decided to throw it on for old time sake. It is a lot sadder than I remember but I still liked it!

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