July 7, 2017

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I’m making sure to write this post while I am thinking about it. I’m currently a marketing intern for our local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and it has been so much fun! Yesterday I got to help create a newsletter and today I started working on graphic design stuff for social media material. I’m not one of those interns that goes and grabs coffee or scans files all day long but I actually get to work on projects. It makes me really excited for the career path I am going into!

Now I am just relaxing in my room listening to a new Spotify playlist I made. It is made up completely of throwbacks. Songs that were popular in my middle school and high school days. It is fun to just listen to all the songs and no every single word. I’ll link the playlist at the bottom of this post.

Cody is working really late tonight – until midnight or so – in order to get the job done. So I told him that I would bake cookies or something and bring them to him and his co-workers around 9 or 10. I really enjoy baking so even though that part of my day hasn’t happened yet I know it will make me happy.


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