July 18, 2017

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This morning I made sure to get up early because I had a lot to accomplish before the afternoon rolled around. My mom asked me to edit something up in photoshop.Then I made a few more designs for my new shop (which I’ve added tee-shirts!).

Today Cody and I reached our 10 month anniversary. Most people don’t care about 10 months and usually I wouldn’t give a big fuss about it either but next month I’ll be home and at our 1 year mark I’ll be away in Florida so I wanted today to feel at least a little bit special.

I got to go out and support him during his golf league. He played well (and looked good doing it) and I got to drive around in the golf cart! Afterwards we went into the bar at the course and enjoyed some tacos (taco Tuesday!)

Though I didn’t take my nap today I still can’t fall asleep. The positive side to that is I remembered to write this post. If I had fallen asleep I would have totally forgotten.


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