July 17, 2017

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Today work went by slower than usual – but it still went by pretty quick. I hope that made some sense. At work I learned how to create Facebook Ads and sent out some more newsletters. I appreciate this internship because I’m learning valuable skills that will come in useful post graduation.

I then went home and took a fabulous nap. I absolutely love napping. However since it is 90 degrees out I woke up in a sweat and it was rather uncomfortable. But the nap was still worth it.

I then went home and decided to design some more pieces. I then wanted to connect a shop to this blog to help give Seven Sierra’s more appeal. However when connecting the ecommerce portion it changed my theme and layout of my blog. That is why it looks a little different. I tried making the best of it and adding more pictures but I’m not very technologically advanced so it proved difficult. But I got a cute little shop up and going so it will work for now.

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