July 12, 2017

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Today has been pretty slow and boring. I had work this morning, which like most days has been really fun and I’ve learned a lot. After work I hit the local shopping center in search for some business casual clothes and swimsuits. I found some cute things but didn’t end up buying anything.

I then went grocery shopping and bought a lot of fruit! I’m a snacky person so am hoping that I can turn to fruit in those moments.

I watched the most recent episode of the Bachelorette. I’ve been an avid watcher for many many seasons now (since I was 13 years old) but I don’t have a TV so I watch on abc.com a couple days later. Dean is my favorite but I think she is going to pick Peter.

In my boredom I decided to call my mom for the second time today. She puts my dog on the screen while she talks, it is really the perfect combo.

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