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Something I really enjoy doing is finding fun quotes on Pinterest and practicing my hand lettering. Whenever I am bored I find some index cards laying around and create a couple. Featured are the ones I’ve done over the last few days. At some point in the next few days I am planning on scanning my favorites to my computer and use photoshop to touch them up. This is just a little hobby of mine. Just like this blog it helps fill the time during long summer days.

The quotes are:

I like to party and by party I mean take naps

adventure more

you can’t do epic shit with basic people

your vibe attracts your tribe

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream

live the life you love

watch more sunsets than netflix

I’m walking on sunshine

take me to the lake.


Let me know if you’re into hand lettering/calligraphy and what your favorite quotes are.

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17 thoughts on “Fun Quote Lettering

  1. I love “your vibe attracts your tribe” 🙂 My blog is called Always Carry On – I’d love to have a tattoo designed with this as a quote, in the style you’re practicing. Maybe we could do something together… ;-P pop me over an email if you’re interested! x

  2. I’ve been practising calligraphy to do my wedding name cards for next year. I’m really enjoying it although I’m no good at it just yet but have lots of time to practice

  3. Very interesting quotes. I like to read them all but I favourite quote “live the life you love” among other quotes. Thank you for sharing.

  4. “you can’t do epic shit with basic people” haha that made me laugh. I am definitely into this, but sadly I am not very good at it. I need to practice this, it looks so pretty and cool though.

  5. I love watch more sunsets than Netflix quote a lot. I should stick it at my house for my rommies and myself. Great collection! love all of them

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