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This last quarter I took a poetry writing class. The class was structured as a workshop so we didn’t read work from professional poets but spent the entire quarter creating our own pieces and then getting feedback from our classmates and then giving them feedback on their poems. I’m a business major and have never really been into poetry but I heard it was an easy A (which it was…) while the majority of my classmates were liberal studies majors who had a passion for the written arts. They knew exactly how to paint a picture in your mind and tell a story without being explicit. I did not have that same art and often times told it how it was – or how my professor said it, I wrote linear poems…

Anyways, all that besides I did write some poems I was proud to share with the class that I felt captured moments I wanted to tell. I wrote a poem called Beauty and I want to share it with y’all because I think I hit on an important matter which is self worth.

Here are three short poems that gave me inspiration for my poem:


And if i asked you to name all the

things that you love,

how long would it take

for you to name yourself?


If someone shows you their

real colors, don’t try to

repaint them


How beautiful would it be to

find someone who’s in love with

your mind


They made me think about self worth and how often times with the society we live in self worth is wrapped up in the ideas of outer beauty. And we destroy ourselves trying to match this fictional standard of beauty. We look around and almost every image we see is in some way edited or has a filter on it. I think it is completely unfair for someone, especially young girls, to try and achieve a standard of beauty that doesn’t even exist. Within my poem I compare our beauty to that of nature. We look at nature and believe it to be some of the most beautiful things that that exist in this world. We don’t criticize Niagara Falls because it doesn’t look like Mount Everest but we accept them both for being magnificent on their own. We are so willing to find the beauty in everything around us yet are so critical of ourselves.


So here is my poem:



Sierra Schomburg


She looks in the mirror

Tears running down her cheeks

                      too big, too small

                     too round, too flat

                     zits, scars, wrinkles

                    not perfect, never will be.

Some say there is a monster

in the mirror.

But break the mirror

and there’s still a monster.


We see beauty in


We see beauty in


One is not more

than the other.


Mount Everest

Stands taller than them all.

Pacific Ocean

Lies wider than the rest.


Oldest one around.

Grand Canyon

Has dents, scratches and rough edges.

All considered God’s Masterpieces.


We place people

on a different scale

than we do

everything else.


So look back

in the mirror.

And you too shall see

One of God’s Masterpieces.

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31 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. So each of the short poems were great…but yours was amazing. I loved how you brought together, in few words, the immense amount of emotions many of us feel every day. I know I struggle with this. Great job.

  2. Oh wow, I really like the poem you made. It’s deep and so calming. I remember we had to memorize poems in my high school in our literature class. Poems were always difficult to understand, as there’s always meanings behind. But I think it’s interesting once you understand what it is all about.

  3. I’ve always been a lover of poems, and yours is beautiful. Especially the inspiration you drew from about loving yourself. My intention for 2017 has been to show myself the same level of kindness and love that I would a good friend. It’s made a world of difference. x

  4. Lovely poem! I think it’s always important to take a few classes that are wayy outside of what you’re studying. It opens up new ways of thinking, plus you get to meet awesome people you’d never cross paths with otherwise.

  5. All the three poems you shared were equally inspiring – the one that stood out is about people sharing their real colors and that we should not repaint it. Your poem is very moving and very well written. 🙂

  6. the poems are so inspiring! you may not have liked or found poetry easy but you certainly have a talent for it! I especially liked your unique choice of layout for the poem!

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