SEVEN SIERRAS was created to inspire adventure and exploration, to encourage people to find their version of paradise and to live by everyday happiness. From the Seven Seas to the Sierra Nevadas there are endless of opportunities for adventure and happiness, and I want to inspire that journey. 

Many of the designs come from my own lifestyle and experiences growing up. Being named Sierra I believe that I was destined to love the mountains, but my parents also call me their little fish because of my love for the water. At a young age my mom started giving me experiences for gifts rather than objects. I’ve gone zip lining in Whistler, Surfing in Santa Barbara and swam with beluga whales at SeaWorld. I’ll always treasure these experiences and continue to search for new adventures. Whether it be going on a sunrise hike at the local hill or flying across the world, everyday provides a new opportunity for adventure. 

20% of profits are donated to helping protect and preserve nature so that future generations can cherish all that mother nature has to offer!