About Me

Hi! I’m Sierra! I grew up in the rainy city of Seattle and moved to California at my first opportunity to attend college. I’m going into my senior year at Cal Poly where I study business administration with a concentration in marketing. I have a dream of one day owning my own business and I have a whole booklet of ideas of what that business could possibly be! 

At Cal Poly I am a marketing intern for Cal Poly Athletics, am a supervisor for intramural sports, play club volleyball and am a part of Alpha Gamma Delta. 

I am the youngest in my family and on my dad’s side I am one of the only girls! This made me tough but also made me a bit of a princess. I’d roll around in the mud and toss the football with the boys but after dinner I could always get them to play barbies with me. 




Some of my favorites:

Animal: Polar Bear

Color: Coral

Food: Watermelon or noodles

Place: Whistler, Canada

Movie: The Blindside

Show: Bachelor/Bachelorette

Candy: Reeses

About My Blog

I have a passion for adventure and hate being bored. This summer I am staying in the small town of San Luis Obispo for work and decided I’d start a blog to give me something to do and hopefully inspire others to find their own adventure. The name Seven Sierra’s took inspiration from both the seven seas and the seven wonders of the world which one day I hope to see them all! 

The adventure section of this page is where I want to share with you the adventures I’ve been on and also the things I want to do. It’s like my own digital bucket list. In turn I want you to share with me all the cool things you’ve done. 

The lifestyle section is where I will be posting the latest things I am into, whether that be a DIY, a new workout routine or my favorite movie. 

Everyday happiness is a mindset I have. I’ve thought about this for a couple years now and it’s so true. Every day there is something that can bring you happiness whether that is something as small as someone holding the door open for you or something large like you swam with dolphins. At the end of every day think about something that made you happy, write it down and put it in a jar. When you are feeling sad open the jar and see all the good things that have happened to make you smile. Instead of using a jar I am going to be using this space to reflect on my everyday happiness. 

Finally, there is the dear diary section. This is a place where I get to reflect on my life and try to express the things I lay awake thinking about. 

I hope you find some inspiration throughout my blog!

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