10 things to do this summer – part 2

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Here is the second segment of 10 things to do this summer. If you missed the first post you can find it here. I am someone who loves going out and doing things. I hate boredom – hence why I created this blog. So here are 10 more things you can do this summer with friends, family or a significant other.

  1. Visit your hometown

The only time I get to go home anymore is during the holidays. How nice would it be to go back to where you grew up and visit all your old favorite hang out spots. I have a whole list of things I want to do when I go back home. The best part is when you get to show off your favorite places to people who aren’t from around there. I’m excited for when I get to show Cody around Seattle.

  1. Play tourist in your hometown

To go along with idea number one you can play tourist in your hometown. If you get to go home frequently or maybe you live in your hometown then try going to all the touristy spots. Look up the local guides and see what is popular. What are the “must do’s” of the town? Try to make a list and see how many you can do in a day. I know for Seattle it would definitely be space needle, pike place market, kerry park and ride the duck.

  1. Try making a new recipe

I’m not very good at cooking, I like to stick to chicken, potatoes/noodles and some sort of vegetable. I have mastered that meal and haven’t gotten bored of it just yet. However I love baking and looking through pinterest at new recipes. Whether you love cooking or baking try that new recipe you’ve been looking at over and over again.

  1. Watch your favorite childhood movies

The other day I watched Land Before Time on Netflix and it made me think about my childhood. Spend an evening re-creating your childhood movie night. Make a fort, pop the popcorn, create the perfect root beer float and pop in the movie. Sometimes watching one of those movies as an adult you can realize how great the movie still is or wonder how your parents let you watch that. My childhood was filled with Disney.

  1. Create a Scrapbook

This is a great opportunity to look through old photos and reminisce on all the memories. I have done this at the end of every school year and it is fun to look back at all I’ve done over the year. With a significant other you can find your favorite pictures you’ve taken together. It is also fun to look back on years from now.

  1. Go to your local fair

The California mid state fair is next weekend and I really want to go. That is why it has made my list here. Fairs can be so much fun. They let you be goofy. You can eat some strange yet delicious food. Play some carnival games. The more I think about fairs the more excited I get.

  1. Go berry picking

Summer time is a great time to go outside and be in the sunshine. Go berry picking and then go home and make a delicious dessert. Or eat all the berry’s while you pick them. I remember my mom and I would go berry picking and a whole bucket would be eaten before we even got home.

  1. Go to a local bar or restaurant for happy hour and try their specialty drink or food dish

Almost every place has a signature drink or food dish that you can try. You can hop around from restaurant to restaurant to catch the different happy hours.

  1. Go in a hot air balloon

My mom went up in a hot air balloon for her 50th birthday. I had a chance to go with her and I passed on the opportunity. I regret that. Ever since I’ve wanted to go up in a hot air balloon. Right now the central coast is having a lot of wild fires so it probably wouldn’t be the best time but I still thought it should make the list.

  1. Fly a kite

It is something simple but can occupy a whole afternoon. Pack a picnic and fly a kite. Flying a kite can be quite relaxing. If the weather is a little overcast or windy and you can’t think of anything else to do, go fly a kite.

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6 thoughts on “10 things to do this summer – part 2

  1. I love the bit about being a tourist in your local area. My town has so many beautiful places to visit. We have everything on our doorstep but often bypass it to go somewhere else

  2. These are probably the best way to spend summer afternoons! I still enjoy watching my childhood movies. Also, I’ve started to make a scrapbook, it’s on the purpose to create memories, so now wherever I go, I paste something related to it in my scrapbook. Being from India, kite flying is the hobby of most us! Thanks for sharing these amazing ideas.

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